Brighton killed the video star by Nuts Over The Atlantic

Brighton killed the video star

Thu 11th, May 2017

Now, we’re not saying we were born to be actors (like seriously, not even close), but Friday we owned that shit… Is what we will tell everyone if they asked how the day went.

Friday morning, we gathered in Bristol to film the Nuts Over The Atlantic campaign video. It was a new experience for us all and we wanted to be early to get the ball rolling… so being the team we are, we were always going to be a little late (I mean if your floating studio is in a harbour with a tiny sign it’s going to be overlooked).

We arrived and spoke our lines but it all felt pretty unnatural, a little stiff, too well articulated for 4 average blokes, two of which sound like they’re about to smash down a door and tell some small freckly teenager he needs a wand. So naturally we decided to add our own brand of fuck up to the shoot (albeit a little less poetic than this sentence). So we started questioning each other, adding a few probing questions only we'd know about each other. Basically, we just wanted to sound like we removed the stiff broom that was shoved so far up ourselves that we could taste mahogany (bold, bark-like with a hint of nut).

After the shoot we took what will be the beginning of our transformation shots, the aim is to take a shot bi-weekly so that you can see the transformation from flabby belly to rowing machine (so forgive the tits and muffin tops for now). If you’d like to check out the first stage of our 6 month transformation, head on over to our Instagram. The video footage has gone back to the lab and with about 2-3 weeks of editing, it will be released to the public. So keep a look out on all our channels for our eagerly anticipated video debut.

On to tomorrow, we will be heading down to Brighton very early to setup the blue tent that’s been traveling the country. Churchill Square is our next location and we will be there to talk to or squawk at for the next 3 days. So, if you’re in the area and interested in learning about the race or get kicks out of four guys doing repetitive movements for a whole 36 hours (which I'm pretty sure Einstein said was the very definition of insanity…) then come see us and we’ll be happy to tell our story. If you’re not in the area but would like to keep up to date with the weekend events, we’ll be posting updates on all our social media channels.

Until next time…