NutsGoRow Bristol by Nuts Over The Atlantic

NutsGoRow Bristol

Wed 22nd, Feb 2017

It’s getting very close now to the first of 10 rowing tours across the UK. We begin the tour in the swashbuckling, cider drinking, historic port city of Bristol. With Bristol being the new City of Sport and our hometown it really couldn’t be a more fitting place to start.

So what’s going on, four guys, three rowing machines, 2 at a time for 2 hours on and off under the city lights, sun and stars. For the mathematicians out there, if it’s 2 at a time then why do we need three rowing machines? That’s where we want you to get involved and take the challenge by getting your name etched onto our lap time leaderboard (completely original concept). And, if helping raise awareness for charity and eternal whiteboard glory isn’t enough for you (shame on you) then here’s an added incentive: Each day the person with the quickest 500m split will get free entry into our holiday to Antigua draw. Plus, there will be a national prize that in the words of Donald Trump will be “yuge” but for now also secret... so what more could you want?!

If sweating over an ergo isn’t your thing and by god we wouldn’t blame you, there are other ways to get involved into our holiday competition draw such as: purchasing a raffle ticket from members of the team or buying some of our official Nuts Over The Atlantic merchandise that will be on sale throughout the event.

For those of you that get a little peckish, our good friends at Oupa’s will be helping the team by selling their authentic, spice infused biltong. Oupa’s aim is to inspire you to try new things, to go forth into the unknown and discover how their range of products developed using a philosophy of Infused Inspiration can stimulate your own journey in the culinary world. Or you can just eat and enjoy it.

For full details of this event you can go to our events page or check out the event on the team’s Facebook page.