Havin’ a peek by Nuts Over The Atlantic

Havin’ a peek

Tue 02nd, May 2017

So what have we been doing now? Getting down to business, is what. The team has been hunting down leads and sponsors from our home city of Bristol (spreading our net further soon), so that we can put their face or brand in the spotlight, on our boat.

In an effort to get a little more knowledge on the type of boat we’ll be using to conquer the Atlantic, Steve went down to visit the Shoreseeker team’s boat parked (tied/mounted?) in Bristol. The Shoreseeker team took part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in 2015, completing it in a fantastic time of 41 days (although sorry guys, we are aiming to smash this). Since the race, they have gone on and used their Atlantic ocean experience to start a challenge of their own, something the team can fully get behind as we also have one eye on the race and the other over the horizon. Ocean rowing experience for the masses… an idea so good we may just steal it ourselves… joking, sort of.

Moving swiftly on, we would like to send a massive congratulations to Calais Louise Taylor who won our latest giveaway competition on Facebook. Calais, won two tickets to watch West Bromwich Albion vs Leicester City on the weekend and we thoroughly hoped she enjoyed it! We are looking to provide many competitions on our social channels to raise awareness for our challenge so eyes peeled on social media for the next!

Speaking of things to look forward to, we are just 10 days away from the next leg of the #NutsGoRow tour! The team will be heading down to the lovely beach town that is Brighton. While passers on by enjoy their weekend break in and around the city, we hope to grab their attention and make some noise with 36 hours of non-stop rowing! For those who have seen the team in Bristol or Newcastle, you already know the (sexy?) faces of sleep deprivation and sheer exhaustion that we'll go through to raise money for our chosen charity, The Movember Foundation.

£100,000 is the target and we are as determined as ever to get ourselves over that line. We are asking the kind people of Brighton and beyond to come out and enjoy the seaside sun whilst learning all about our exciting expedition, sharing in the fun & games on display; and perhaps most importantly giving to an incredible cause that changes the lives of so many men around the world.

As always keep a look out on our social media channels for all the latest updates from the team!