Hello and welcome to 2017 by Nuts Over The Atlantic

Hello and welcome to 2017

Sun 15th, Jan 2017

It’s been a somewhat subdued start to 2017, but with less than one year until the start of the greatest rowing race in the world, that just couldn’t possibly last for long! So here we are, back to the grind; attacking sponsorship, organising events, planning our meals and drawing out our training plans after indulging in a wonderful and good ol’ fashioned British Christmas.

And what a year we have ahead of us. As well as a multitude of sporting events to get our fitness up to where it needs to be, we will be touring the UK with 9 epic 36hr rows across some incredible cities. The oarsome foursome (apologies) will be rowing in the same pattern as we will in the race. Two at a time, two hours on, two hours off, two by two by two… a bit like Noah I guess, but without the following chaos. Fingers crossed.

The first rowing location has been confirmed and we’d like you all to join us for the 24th-26th of February, as we start our tour in our home city of Bristol. So while we’re burning off all the Turkey, spouts, snacks, pies etc, etc, you can come down and get to know the team. There will be a pair on hand to answer all your questions and guide you through the details of our greatest adventure.

More details are due to follow, so please keep your eyes peeled to all of our social channels for little nuggets of gold.