Hey Ma I’m on TV by Nuts Over The Atlantic

Hey Ma I’m on TV

Thu 09th, Mar 2017

So the last week has seen the team appear in their second TV interview, this time on Made in Bristol TV. Jon and Steve in their slick Nuts Over The Atlantic t-shirts (yes I’m plugging our gear, which you can totally buy from us), were on the studio couch telling the Made in Bristol team about our challenge ahead.

If you haven’t seen it yet check out The Crunch from Made in Bristol’s catch-up page. Wednesday 1st March. 6pm. Watch it (you know you want to)...

Moving on, next stop on the Nuts Tour Bus (a working title) is Newcastle. The home of Ant & Dec, The Geordie Shore, Newcastle United, Newcastle Brown Ale and on the 24th to the 26th of March, the Nuts Over The Atlantic team. Once again we will be taking over a busy street, rowing for a gargantuan 36 hours to raise money for The Movember Foundation and raise awareness for the crisis facing men’s health. Are you not entertained?!

The street we will be taking over is none other than Northumberland Street, the busiest shopping street outside of London. So, we’re expecting a full crowd of passer-bys staring at us in bewilderment as to why we decided to put our bodies (and specifically butts) through this daunting task. 36 hours should provide us with plenty of time to tell them all the great things we have planned and share our enthusiasm for the great work being done in the name of charity

So, if you know anyone in Newcastle please tell them to swing on by and show support for the cause!

By all means that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten the great support we received in Bristol, with many people attempting to walk a mile (or row 500m) in our shoes by competing in the 500m split challenge. Without further ado here are the lucky winners of the #NutsGoRow Bristol 500m split event:

Men’s Results

1.24 Luke Cairns
1.25 Ed Hopkins
1.27 Charlie Evans
1.32 Jimmy Gibson
1.36 Rob Ormsby
1.36 Ed Hopkins
1.40 Dennis
1.40 Andy
1.40 Guy De Soissons
1.43 Sam Crabb

Women’s Results

1.40 Alex Craven
1.45 Lydia
1.54 Hannah Griffiths
2.01 Olivia Daniell
2.02 Becky Davey
2.05 Dani
2.12 Tovah
2.25 Nina
2.39 Nathanaer

You guys and gals have all been entered with the chance to win a holiday to Antigua! The number one man and women also get Under Armour / Sweaty Betty leggings! Winners, make sure you message us to claim your prize!

Newcastle, can you beat them?