The Master has become the Student by Nuts Over The Atlantic

The Master has become the Student

Thu 15th, Jun 2017

As always after we complete one of our rows or promotional events, and because this sort of physical and public engagement is still pretty new to us there are always things we look back at and look to improve upon. We do this firstly, because we want to raise as much money as possible for the Movember Foundation, secondly, because we don’t do this as part of our day jobs and are fairly clueless, but potentially the most important reason for improving is because rowing for 36 hours sucks (really, really bad).

So what are the chinks in our metaphoric armour and what steps are we taking to fix/improve it? When you’re 18 hours of rowing in and a friend or family member or generous shop owner offers to buy you fast food, coffee etc it is extremely hard to say no. However we won’t have that option when we’re 2 weeks in and over a thousand miles across the Atlantic ocean (maybe we’ll get a salmon or tuna every week or so if we’re lucky but even that is far fetched). Discipline is going to be very important during both the tour but more importantly during the race; we have our dried food from Expedition Foods and that’s what we need to stick to and to be honest with you it’s pretty good. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. Like clockwork.

As well as diet we also need to focus on our sleeping patterns, which again is difficult when you’re trying to raise money for our charity so we have to find a balance. In truth, we’re still working on this part of the master plan. I guess the idea is when we’ve shipped there will be no fundraising (until after) and we’ll have other pressing things to worry about like rogue waves, storms and sharknados. So I guess we’ll just deal with this one, a necessary evil if you will.

The important thing to recognise is although this is primarily for fundraising it’s also for training. The sort of sleep deprivation we’re experiencing will be close to what’s to come and we need to be ready for that. But, it’s not all doom and gloom and I guess we can take a lot of confidence from our logistics, the packing up and putting up of our setup is becoming an art form. Years and years of Tetris is finally paying off I guess, and Gorilla Tape (lots and lots of Gorilla Tape). I’m pretty sure we could tape ourselves to the ceiling with that stuff, which is impressive considering the weight gain needed for the race. Within an hour we have the gazebo and machines up and that time gets cut in half on the put down. Although that might have something to do with us wanting to get home, eat and sleep. That will have to remain one of life’s many mysteries.

Now, #NutsGoRow Cardiff is tomorrow and everything is looking great for a top row, the weather for once like our government is looking strong and stable and we’re welcoming warm temperatures for the entire weekend (which means learning from our recent Southsea experience and taking lots of sunscreen). We’ve also have some media coming down to talk to us which is always nice to spread the word and get our faces out there. If you’re in Cardiff or thinking of heading down you can find all the details for our row here, we’ll be behind the statue of John Batchelor outside St Davids Centre greeting the public and rowing, as always we’d like for you to come down, ask any questions you have, donate to an incredible cause and learn about our once in a lifetime rowing challenge.

If you can’t make it to Cardiff, look out on all our social channels for the latest news and updates from our adventures: