On and on we go by Nuts Over The Atlantic

On and on we go

Mon 13th, Feb 2017

The last week the team have been incredibly busy; we had the last few days with the friendly and welcoming SeaSports team, followed by a quick meet and greet with the healthy, clean, protein team; Neat Nutrition.

Back down in Teignmouth we soon discovered how hard travelling and navigating the world’s oceans and seas could be (we blame you Disney and Captain Jack Sparrow for glossing over the finer details involved). While attempting to predict wind speeds, mapping ocean currents, circumnavigating tidal patterns and pinpointing weather patterns; we now have a rough route in mind that will take us all the way to the finish (dare I say victory) line.

We also had a chance to meet Lee, a lovely bloke and part of the courageous Row to Recovery team that crossed the Atlantic in the 2015 race. From a short meet, we picked up some top tips that will be invaluable for our preparation, our favourite and in his own words… “eat everything”; something the whole team had zero problems getting behind! It’s been advised we could lose around 20-25kg in weight during the course of this race! That’s about the weight of a newborn calf… we’ll give you a bit of time to let that sink in… a newborn calf!

Moving eagerly on… Wednesday night we returned home more prepared than ever, had a nice little day of rest and then headed to London for a meet-up with some of the Neat Nutrition team. We had a good time talking to founder Lee and his team in their bustling London café situated on the 1st floor of the Lululemon store on Regents Street. Listening to how the dream team of Charlie Turner and Lee Forster went from swimming for Team GB (an incredible achievement in itself) to setting up their huge business gave us a bit more motivation for the future.

As we get closer to the big event on the 24-26th of February, we will be posting more and more exciting information about what’s on and how you can get involved in the weekends events. So keep your eyes and ears peeled to our social channels and you can find out about some great prizes we’ll have to give away.