A Night to Movember by Nuts Over The Atlantic

A Night to Movember

Thu 02nd, Nov 2017

We’ve been up to a lot recently from hanging out with the Movember Family, to surprise parties and building up our massive Nuts at the Museum night on the 18th November.

We’ll start with the Movember family day; we travelled down there as a team to show our support for the charity we want to raise a lot of money for (£100,000 to be precise). They have shown us a lot of support so far throughout our campaign and we felt we needed to do the same in return; what we didn’t know is we would be one of the the special guests. Mark, Steve & Jon took a half day from work and made their way up to London where they met Dan. We all headed together to Movember’s office and when we arrived it just like with any Movember greeting we’ve experienced so far, there were lots of smiling, chatty people mingling around; so we followed suit, grabbed a drink from the bar and entered the fray.

We began speaking with some really interesting partners of Movember, including Sofia from Ketchum, who we would later find out donated towards our Movember team page following our conversation that evening (cheers Sofia!). It was nice knowing we were all there for the same purpose, to the support men’s health and kick the Movember campaign off in the right way.

After a short while it was time for the presentation to begin; Owen Sharp the CEO of Movember, gathered everyone around the seating area and begun his speech. He began his speech with a heartfelt thank you to everyone in the room, both for attending the evening and for supporting Movember to date. Next, he spoke of a special guest and then proceeded to tell our story and our challenge, it was a very unexpected and pleasant surprise. We were standing at the back and everybody at the party turned to us to applaud; we were so grateful for the reception and we know there’s a lot of support for us during the build-up to the row but we didn’t know quite how much so this was a nice moment of reflection.

We heard some incredible stories of people who went toe-to-toe with testicular and prostate cancer, plus another Joe, who attempted to take his own life. Thankfully, he didn’t because we wouldn’t have heard his story, a story we’re sure many people in the world need to hear. He will be heavily involved with a lot of Movember’s media work in November so keep and eye out for him, a truly nice guy.

Sponsorship at this moment seems like a dog fight, in fact we’re still trying and fighting with every angle, every connection we possibly have to get more sponsorship for the boat and campaign that we’ve each put about £20,000 into. It truly is a unique opportunity for companies and brands to grab, we are still looking for a big fish and when we get that world record, every company contacted would have wished they come aboard (pun absolutely intended). However, Mark has made some great progress with equipment sponsors and we are up to over 25 now; we’re truly grateful for the support, discount or products they have given us and we will try to mention them as much as possible before during and after a race as a way to say thank you.

Amongst all the hectic weeks we’ve had a nice little surprise and welcome break from the stress came a couple of weekends ago. Steve and Dan thought their girlfriend’s Becky and Richa had organised an innocent dinner party; Dan and Richa drove down from London and on their way travelled to Bath for the day, while Steve and Becky went out for a little food and shopping in Bristol. Both of them unaware that a cunning well thought out plan was underway.

After a few hours of relaxing and walking about Bristol and Bath respectively, Steve and Becky met up with Dan and Richa. They headed into Steve’s riverside flat and were welcomed with a brilliant surprise, all their friends had travelled from Bristol and the big smoke and it was a great moment seeing everybody coming to celebrate them getting to where they are now and the campaign ahead.

We are now getting extremely close to the gala dinner, it is just over 2 weeks away and tickets are not quite selling like hot cakes but they are selling extremely well. We have sold over 100 so far which is phenomenal but there are plenty more to sell for it to be a truly successful evening. We are confident of selling out because of both the auction we will be putting on and the incredible location this is taking place at. The Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery is an iconic building in Bristol, sitting atop of Park street alongside the main building for Bristol University . You can’t help but notice it’s grandeur and we can’t wait to see what it will look like on the night.

Rob, a friend of the team, has been hunting all over Bristol and the UK to find some top items that we can auction off to the highest bidder; prizes such as a signed Wayne Rooney Manchester United Shirt, David Lloyd Gym Membership and a yacht experience with boxing legend Frank Bruno MBE. We don’t know about you guys reading this, but we’d love to ask Frank Bruno questions about his career… the man was in some iconic fights with boxing royalty like Lewis and Tyson.

Preparations have been key and ongoing, we have managed to get several companies on board helping support the gala dinner. Some companies that we have worked with before like Purplefish and new companies such as SOS Design Consultancy. We are now working on drinks for the evening and there should be some absolute corkers (last pun we promise). A wonderful light sparkling wine on arrival with some crisp whites and bold reds for the three course dinner.

Friends and family have jumped on board to help and ensure that this gala dinner is one to remember and will make a significant dent in the amount we’d like to raise for Movember; from flyering in Bristol and its surrounding areas to asking in every friend, relative and connection they know for prizes, ticket purchases or just spreading the word. If you are reading this and believe in our campaign then please spread the word, details are: http://www.nutsovertheatlantic.co.uk/fundraiser.

We’ll be releasing more and more information and nuggets of gold as we get closer to the event so keep a look around and thank you for following the campaign.