Reach for Brean by Nuts Over The Atlantic

Reach for Brean

Tue 05th, Sep 2017

There’s just three months to go until the biggest race of our life… the thought alone sends shivers down the spine. The past week we’ve been filming our introduction video with Reach, a talented media start-up from Bristol with the aim to create a short snappy video that tells our story, how we began this journey, what drove us to do it and what we are looking to accomplish from it. That is how we found ourselves at Brean Point, the last land of Bristol where the Bristol Channel meets the Atlantic Ocean. It was at this point, after a short hike where we stood as a team looking far out to what awaits us. One of the most powerful forces on Earth, at one time it can be a vast plain of glass, smooth, peaceful and still. The next, a ferocious wall of water ready to swallow you hole if you’re not prepared to respect it.

From this point to the right we could see Weston-Super-Mare where we played on the beach as kids, in front and to the right, Cardiff Bay and to the left Brean; a holiday or two has been spent there. It boggles the mind that we have flanked this point on each of its sides at one point or another in time, but have failed to notice it. The view is simply spectacular and it was a perfect place to watch the sunset, while capturing unbelievable shots for our promotional video.

We are working hard to have the video completed in time for our upcoming events; AvePoint HQ Launch in London and an evening with The Lansdown Club at Ashton Gate Stadium in Bristol. These events could be huge for our team to meet potential sponsors and raise some serious cash for The Movember Foundation. A lot of preparation is needed to put forward a professional front to our team, because after all, a lot of hard work has gone into this and we are extremely serious about the race and giving back to the sponsors that put their faith and money in us.

One focus is branding, we are in talks with several clothing brands for short term and long term clothing solutions over the next six months. We are particularly excited about a partnership in the pipeline with Weirdfish, a local brand born on the outskirts of Bristol in Cheltenham. We met the Weirdfish team during the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, they had a pitch right next to ours and the guys there were great, easy to talk to and very enthusiastic about our challenge. Their brand is great, the clothing of high quality fabrics and we’re looking forward to wearing it and working with them.

As well as clothing for our events we will have an almost complete boat on display at the Ashton Gate Stadium event. We have been sourcing equipment from all over the UK and beyond so the finished article will be high end with top equipment. We’ve had a great deals on full GPS equipment from Simrad, water tight hatches from Lewmar, EPIRBS from Universal Safety and a top end life raft all the way from Romania. This has all been sent to Leven Brown Adventures in Scotland where the boat is being turned into a ocean racing machine.

As you can imagine all that equipment as well as the cost of race entry (a whopping £24,000) has made sure we are emptying all our coffers to pay for everything. The problem is our pockets just aren’t that deep right now, so the unfortunate solution to this mammoth problem is loans, loans, loans. Committed to the cause we are which is why we have all taken out £10,000 loans to get equipment for the boat, the fee for race entry and paying Leven Brown Adventures to finish the work on our boat.

On a more positive note (that’s right we’re going with positive) now the entry fee has been paid we are officially in the race. We still have to get our practise in but we still have plenty of time left… who am I kidding, we’re still going to smash it though! How do we feel about it? It’s a strange feeling, we have been working for this for about 18 months and there were definitely times where we were unsure if we would make it to the line. Essentially we didn’t get the sponsorship we wanted in time but we aren’t resting just yet, we will be targeting sponsorship until the very end. This is an incredible challenge and we really want to raise money for charity, plus we believe in the packages we offer.

That’s all for now, we are looking forward to the next event at AvePoint and the proceeding event at Ashton Gate. We will let you know how it goes and we’re sure there will be plenty more news to come and the race start gets closer.