Be more Jon (Sea survival) by Nuts Over The Atlantic

Be more Jon (Sea survival)

Mon 06th, Feb 2017

This week we find ourselves in the sunny, seaside town of Teignmouth… except there’s zero chance of sun and no way we’re dipping a big toe into the freezing hell water that awaits us. So here we are instead in our picturesque (and definitely haunted) castle, hiding out from the cold erect-nipple inducing winds and pretending we didn’t hear the strange noises from the tower above.

The reason we’re here in this beautiful town of course, is to complete our RYA Sea Survival course with the incredible aid and tutelage of Tim Cox, Sue Cox (the legendary baker) and Lee of SeaSports SW. With tongue twisting VHF communications, pool splashing sea survival, star gazing sea navigation and much more on the menu; our brains are tantalisingly licking their lips as this trip brings us one step on the ladder closer to our lofty goals.

With enough bloopers to fill a “You’ve Been Framed” TV slot (that won’t get us sued right?), Jon has proven to be the comedic glue that keeps this team ticking along with a humour (often dark) not seen in other teams. The last few weeks has also seen the birth of possibly the greatest hashtags #BeMoreJon and #BeLessJon and this week’s escapades have never been so relevant. When SeaSports’ Lee’s pool water soaked trousers have dried, I’m sure he’ll be willing to testament to this.

Let’s also not forget on the 4th of February was World Cancer Day, a holiday that means so much to our cause and our charity. So if you haven’t donated yet it’s never too late, you can do your bit and give a little by clicking here and donating as little as £2 and grabbing your own World Cancer Day Unity Band.