Sore Bums and Burger Sauce by Nuts Over The Atlantic

Sore Bums and Burger Sauce

Fri 03rd, Mar 2017

The team are coming down from a massive high after a very successful launch to the #NutsGoRow tour in Bristol. It was fun talking to the guys from BBC Radio Bristol, Bristol Post, BCFM and BBC Points West. We had a lot of attention from the people of Bristol from seeing us on the news and more came down to see us because of it. Sadly for Mark, one of those wasn’t Taylor Swift… We’re assuming she’s waiting for the London leg of the tour before making an appearance.

We had begun to setup the space from Friday afternoon and within the first couple of hours our first interview was done. A few hours later like the media starlets we are (this 15 minutes of local fame may have gone to our heads) the second interview with BBC Points West was under wrap. What proceeded after can only be described as a dreaded long, painful wait until the start of the tour… Although little did we know the real pain (in the aforementioned derrière) was soon about to come.

Before the tour had started, I think there were a few nerves brewing from the thought of clubs emptying their highly energetic (and possibly inebriated) clientele upon the team with a force Storm Doris herself would be proud of. Instead what we witnessed was just one of the many things we love about this city. There was so much enthusiasm and so much willingness to get involved from members of the public, that all pre-event nerves soon vanished. Before we knew it the 500m split times were racing (quite literally) onto the leaderboard, although some techniques were suspect to say the least; and that was just the team.

From stag and hen-do’s, to Rugby tours and general piss-ups, Bristol was giving us every character it could find. These characters were digging deep in rowing effort and money to keep us ticking along. Although only momentarily; this also took attention away from the bubbling pain beginning to set in the rosy (butt…) cheeks of our team. The pain was unbearable and dragging ourselves to the end felt like the grandest effort seen since David Cameron tried to convince the world of his blue collar history by indulging in a Cornish pasty.

Luckily with great friends, cheeky colleagues and sausage sarnie wielding family members, the row was ticking along with a military precision schedule and just like Noah’s arc itself, we were snuggled firmly into our two (rowing) by two (sleeping) pattern. Not even the songs of drunken adolescence and champagne supernovas could wake us from our deep slumber. The last few shifts were the hardest of the lot and as the early morning buses emptied the onlooking 6am risers onto the Bristol City Centre, the team could sense the end of their long slog and small cracks of relief began to show. Family, friends and local support began to gather, as the team endured on to the final hour of a total 36. And with a cheering crowd and the premature opening of celebratory beer bottles chimed, the team has passed over the line… 36 hours, 400 miles, 4 interviews, 8 drunks with chips, 1 man in a dress and 4 very tired men later.

We raised some fantastic money for our charity, raised awareness of the challenges we will face and gained a lot of new support along the way. It was a test and a triumph and wouldn’t have been as successful as it was, if it weren’t for our sponsors, press, friends & family.

Our next leg of the tour will be Northumberland Street in Newcastle. We are super excited to be coming to this city and hope to see as many faces as possible. To donate to our team please click the Donate button at the top of our page and to talk about potential sponsorships please contact the team.