Webgaining a new sponsor! by Nuts Over The Atlantic

Webgaining a new sponsor!

Tue 14th, Nov 2017

We’re now less than four weeks away from the start of the 2017 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge and we can’t wait! The race start is a culmination of 20 months of learning, preparation and training and will be the biggest challenge of our lives.

Us reaching the start line has only been possible because of our amazing sponsors and the support we’ve been given out of the generosity of people’s hearts.

Today, we’re incredibly delighted to formally announce that one of these supporters has decided to become our newest Silver sponsor; Webgains!

Over the last few months they have been informally advising us on how best to get our campaign out to a wider audience. As a direct result of their help we have seen a significant improvement in feedback received from our fundraising campaign. Consequently, it’s a true honour that they have decided to help us even further.

Using the sports performance analogy of incremental gains to stay ahead of the game, Webgains is not only a hi-performance affiliate marketing network but is also very well aligned to the stance we’ve taken with this Atlantic row.

Close up of Webgains logo on our training gear

We have spent the last few months focussing on selecting the top equipment for this challenge and making tweaks to our boat and nutritional plans to ensure we give ourselves the best chance of success for the pure class world record! From the moment we started dealing with Webgains we knew they had an identical mind-set to us.

Richard Dennys, Webgains CEO; ‘At Webgains, we are all about the 1% improvements, the small achievements which differentiate us from our competitors, and over time amass to great victories. This is a mind-set we quickly recognised in the ‘Nuts over the Atlantic’ team and we knew that we want to support them in the challenge they are facing. We strive to be the high performance coach within the affiliate marketing industry, so the prospect of cheering on Mark, Steve, Dan and Jon is very exciting to us.’

Huge thanks once again from Team Nuts to Webgains for their continued support.

For more information on them and to see how they could help your business please check out their “What We Do” video at the following link; http://www.webgains.com/public/en/, or send an email to info@bythehundred.com.

Our new Silver Sponsor, Webgains