Oh, whats occurring? by Nuts Over The Atlantic

Oh, whats occurring?

Wed 25th, Jan 2017

A few weeks (and then some) into the new year and things are ticking along nicely for our rowing tour of the UK. We have 4 confirmed locations, the Nuts Over The Atlantic branded gear is on route, and we’re getting in shape so we don’t appear like the second team; subbed in at the last minute when the A-lister’s are too hungover to play ball.

As we have one eye on our own race at the end of 2017, the other is fixed firmly on what’s happening in the 2016 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. We’ve seen two huge records in this year’s race. The first came from the team Latitude 35, shaving a massive 2 days off of the previous record to bring their vessel in a total of 35 days, 14 hours and 3 minutes.

The second, a monolithic amount of money raised by the Row4James team. The team raised over £500,000 for their charity, The James Wentworth-Stanley Memorial Fund. The race is a crazy and epic adventure for all involved, but it’s the moments like these that allow you to take a step back and appreciate all the good being done around the world for charity.

So... for all those remaining in the race, keep pushing on and enjoy every minute. The pictures, the tales and the general excitement for this race is what spurs us on to achieve what a very limited, lucky and possibly crazy set of people have the rare opportunity to experience.